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About Us

Vital Cafe eCom has been established to support B2B relationships with VITAL Corporate Clients. You can use this website to place your corporate orders. You will be contacted by your associated BDMs at the company.

From Haroonabad to Over 30 Countries.

Vital Tea is the very first product which was launched at a small town in Punjab by EasternProducts Pvt. Ltd. Starting at ‘Haroonabad’ - Within a very short span of time, due to the unbeatable taste and quality, it started gaining regional and national success.

Vital Tea’s Black blend leafs are hand-picked in the best mountains of Kenya (while some other regions contribute to the various flavors of tea). To capture the aroma of the tea, these leafs are, then, processed on the same day and shipped to our facility in Pakistan.

Our Master Chef blends the mixture for a rich colour and taste that touches the hearts through taste buds.

We have recently started exporting it across the globe, and are now available in 30+ counties.

However, our metrics of success isn’t the number of countries, or the volume of sales; it is the values that this brand stands on. This is reflected throughout our media and digital media presence. Our electronic media campaign was presented by a known social scientist at a colloquium in Islamabad as an outstanding example of ‘socially responsible advertisements’.

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